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Part 2 : Remote Debugging a Managed Server on Production Weblogic 10.3 Cluster via SSH tunnelling

So this is a follow up article to part 1 here. If you are reading this, I am assuming you were not able to connect your debugger to the port opened in part 1, same as me. Well don't despair. There is a solution. In my case apparently only common ports were opened on the system, as it was supposed to be built close to a production system. Or actually some network switch or a physical hardware must be blocking access to the port. For this part, I was not sure. And the IT person supporting me also probably also didn't know the cause.

Part 1 : Remote Debugging a Managed Server on Production Weblogic 10.3 Cluster

How to setup Webcenter Content Server to generate Document Renditions

This is a guide for how to setup up creation of Document Renditions for content being checked into Webcenter Content Server. This guide is done using Oracle Webcenter Content Server 11g Release 1 ( 

Configuring Oracle Webcenter and Inbound Refinery for Web Viewable Document Conversions

Webviewable images of documents in UCM

So in the previous article here we extended the Webcenter Content Server ucm domain to support the Inbound Refinery. In this article we will setup up Webcenter Content Server (ucm) and the Inbound Refinery (ibr) to support document conversion and renditions. Again the motivation of this article is to consolidate our setup info in a simple guide for which information is coming from various sections from various Oracle guides.

Setting up Oracle Webcenter Server to generate Document Renditions

Installation and Configuration of Oracle WebCenter Content:Inbound Refinery (post Oracle Webcenter content install)

Webcenter Content home page

So I recently had to install and configure the Inbound Refinery on an existing UCM server install. Working on it, it was clear that information for the task for required from multiple guides. So I thought it might be interesting to consolidate the task in a single article that might help someone.

So lets dive into the steps:

cd WCC_ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin

where WCC_ORACLE_HOME is the "WebCenter Content Oracle home" install directory location. This will open a GUI where you can select the extend weblogic domain option as below.

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