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Golang logging with k8s.io/klog (fork of glog)

You can add the k8s.io/klog to your module as follows: 

go get k8s.io/klog@v1.0.0

You need to create a init method as follows in your library or main.go file as follows.   :

How to download an artifact from Nexus repo via curl using REST API

So I can't take credit for the curl solution. The following script was a result of various stackoverflow searches to see why it wasn't working. In the end the curl command had to look like below and work in 2 steps to download the artifact I needed.

The below script assumes the following:

Gradle System Commands Cheatsheet

So I was reading this book "Gradle in Action" and thought I'd jolt down the more interesting technical niceties here. For your theory part I would recommend reading the book. The source code though is available freely for the book on github.

My Git Cheat Sheet

Following is my cheat sheet that I extracted while reading the git tutorial git-scm.com. So I just listed the commands minus all the text there. If you have read the book than below will a quick reminder of the various commands there. Not all commands are listed but the more interesting only.

Endless select menu in bash script


There are many sources on the web for creating menus in bash scripts. After prodding through the many examples, I am documenting the approach that I felt was generic enough for all my intents and pusposes. Just as a reference even to me, in case I need to do it again.

Family Tree Application - A multi-node tree

Here is another interesting application. I don't have Visual Studio installed to run and take a screenshot. The exe file I probably deleted back than. Should have kept it.

File transfer via Parrallel Port using C++

All my retro college work, or atleast the mentionable ones, I plan to put online. This here is something probably quite useless but nevertheless a nice programming exercise. This is probably from my 4th or 5th semester of bachelors. If you have 2 computers lying around with parrallel ports and of course, more importantly a parrallel port cable, you could probably give it a go. Also I am not sure about C++ code portability i.e. it working fine on linux, this use to work fine on windows 98 machines back than on my pentium 3 or something.

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