Getting rid of bothersome kernel "Booted secondary processor" and "shutdown" notice messages from kern.log

My Odroid servers "kern.log" is basically swamped with these messages "Booted secondary processor" and "shutdown" that occur at every minute. Tried tweaking the "/etc/sysctl.conf" specifically the kernel.printk line to say "kernel.printk = 3 3 1 3". 3 is supposed to be error level but still these notice messages seemed to get printed some how.

Finally this is what got rid of them by drastic measures.

Part 3 : Output Debug SQL statements on a Managed Server on a Production Weblogic 10.3 Cluster

So if you have already read my debugging adventures on a production clone Weblogic server part 1 and part 2, this can be called the part 3 of that series.

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