About Me

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My name is Ahsan Fayyaz, in case you haven't visited the Impressum page yet. I worked at Oracle for about 10 years and now work for Ferchau Engineering. All views and and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and may or may not necessarily reflect those of my employers.

With that out of the way, this blog is about doing something different. It is as much about the journey as it is about a goal. Over the years I think there has been a lot of missed opportunity in terms of sharing learning. I hope to remedy that now by sharing rare gems of knowledge or tidbits of information via this blog, maybe share techniques or catchas you normally just forget.

This creation and maintainence of this blog itself is serving as an immense learning experience not to mention tons of fun. It in itself provides lots of content to blog about. And with this you can be sure I am putting it in practice myself on my own server as almost eveything about this blog is self-done, self hosted and self-maintained.

With family life and full time work, time for this undertaking is alawys going to be limited but I hope and I can still provide some useful content, and in doing so also itch some of my own itches of things I always wanted to try out.

At this point I feel I also need to provide some background about myself, so if your interested in my story, read on, otherwise there should be some content already on my blog for your to dig into.

During the course of life I have met people now who have programmed with punch cards. So my next statement doesnt sound exciting to me anymore, but I wrote my first computer program during my School years (1991-1994) using BASIC programming language on Commodore 64s. I never imagined back than I would go for a graduate program in Computer Sciences but it happened. I did my bachelors from FAST, or NUCES as it is known today. C++ was my primary language back than for about every project. But by the 4th year of studies Java was emerging as a new programming language. It was radically simpler than C++. I have to admit it has spoiled me over the years. And since than Java has become the primary language that I use professionally now. After Undergraduate school, I went to Graduate School at University of Bremen and did my Masters in Digital media in 2003.

After my Masters I joined Agile Software GmbH in 2006. It was later acquired by Oracle, where I for a number of years worked on developing a new SAAS module for the PLM team. I decided to leave Oracle in 2017 and my new adventure begin with Ferchau Engineering in Karlsruhe.

My Curriculum Vitae can be found here.