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So I have been silent for some time. Mainly due to deep diving into new territories since I left Oracle. Now I think it is time to put my new skills to some work and test them out. To that end, I thought that I need to build a webapp project for myself. Just to assert what I am learning and to learn even more from hands on practice.

I have a vague idea what I want to do and technology stacks I want to use. Hence its a journey where I am not strictly defining my goals so that I don't constraint myself right from the beginning. We are going to start with some thing basic and keep building on top of it and see how far we can go. Maybe change technology stacks see what different worlds have to offer. How can we compare the solution. How can we better this solution. Do I have enough time to do this exercise on my own or I just describe what I would have liked to have and move on to the next theme. And much more. This article is going to be an unmbrella article to all the coming articles that I might be writing in future. And I'll make it stick on my home page, so its easy to find and look at my progess.

So what exactly are my goals ? Well like I said, I am going to start with some vague requirements and as I learn more along the way, adjust my course accordingly. The overall goal is, to have a scalable cloud ready webapp. To that end I will work from the beginning with containers and different images. So the following articles are going to list the steps of my development.

My development environment

So before we dive in, a short note on my development environment. Generally I prefer linux for development purposes. But I did not want to get into the dual boot mess just to keep my life simple. Since we will be using docker for development. What development environment I use for development becomes irrelevant. Since we are going to be building reproducible builds. So I installed "Docker for Windows (Beta)" at edge channel which at the time of writing of this text was at Version (19925). With that out of the way lets get going.

  1. Backend
    1. The database backend
    2. Search for a schema

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