Getting rid of bothersome kernel "Booted secondary processor" and "shutdown" notice messages from kern.log

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My Odroid servers "kern.log" is basically swamped with these messages "Booted secondary processor" and "shutdown" that occur at every minute. Tried tweaking the "/etc/sysctl.conf" specifically the kernel.printk line to say "kernel.printk = 3 3 1 3". 3 is supposed to be error level but still these notice messages seemed to get printed some how.

Finally this is what got rid of them by drastic measures.

Create a new file called "10-kernel.conf" under "/etc/rsyslog.d" directory and copy the following contents into it and restart rsyslogd via the command "systemctl restart rsyslog.service". File can be any name but alphabetically less than "50-" default something if I recall correctly. Just use the 10 in there.


if ( $syslogtag contains 'kernel:' and ($msg contains 'Booted secondary processor' or ( ($msg contains 'CPU1' or $msg contains 'CPU2' or $msg contains 'CPU3' or $msg contains 'CPU4'  ) and ($msg contains 'shutdown') ) )  then ~


The above will filter out these message and they won't no longer appear in your logs.




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