Part 2 : Remote Debugging a Managed Server on Production Weblogic 10.3 Cluster via SSH tunnelling

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So this is a follow up article to part 1 here. If you are reading this, I am assuming you were not able to connect your debugger to the port opened in part 1, same as me. Well don't despair. There is a solution. In my case apparently only common ports were opened on the system, as it was supposed to be built close to a production system. Or actually some network switch or a physical hardware must be blocking access to the port. For this part, I was not sure. And the IT person supporting me also probably also didn't know the cause.

Anyways SSH tunneling to the rescue. Open a command shell and type in something like below (natually substituting the username and servername for what works for you):

ssh -N -L 8453:localhost:8453

Now point the Jdev/Eclipse/Netbeans debugger to localhost at port 8453 and you should be able to attach debugger to the remote port via the ssh tunnel. I am on linux but if you are using windows you can look into using cygwin or look at my article here, there is a section on creating an ssh tunnel using putty.

If your interested to learn more about ssh tunneling. Than this article "SSH Tunneling - Poor Techie's VPN" was my introduction and I always fall back to it to look up syntax. At one point I was even considering a reverse ssh tunnel (for reasons not worth going into here) but that is also all well explained in the article.

Next if your looking to debug sql on your managed server, you can access this how to here.

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