My drupal Sites Web Server Optimization - Part 1

I guess I should start writing about what I am doing to optimize the performance of my web server. If I don't start now, I will have done so much that I would think it a bother to summarize it.

Before I go on and do more complicated optimizations, it makes sense to deal with the simple mundane issues.

An enhanced Ref Cursor based VO with Cached RowSet

A while back I was doing some prototypes where we were looking to evaluate if we could use pl-sql to query our data in our VOs. I already knew that if was possible as I had glanced over the examples but never had taken a deeper look. Now was an excellent time to hack at it.

When Select count(*) is not the best option

A colleague of mine brought this fact to attention that count(*) is not a very good thing. Atleast not for the case when you are checking for the presence of just a single record. What popped to my mind immediately was, not if there is proper index, it shouldn't matter. But that was an assumption on my part which I had to check out. And the result turned out to be that rewriting such a query is always a good idea if all you want is an existence check. So lets do some cost analysis in this article for the same, so you can also understand the same.

Enabling SSL for your Drupal 7 website

Just as I thought my Dupal blog is done and I can now make it known to the public, I stopped and looked at login box and pondered, "Hey ! thats plain http over there. Oh darn NSA now knows my passwords. I just sent them over plain text". Oh well, got to fix that. It turns out it wasn' such a difficult task to get up and running with SSL. To my surprise, things almost just worked at first go, which they rarely do.

I am on a LAMP stack so the instructions are basically for the same.

Keys and Certificate generation

Viewing the XML document during Activation/Passivation

Sometime when working with ampooling, you need to view what you are passivating. One way is to of course turn on jbo logging and you can than see the passivated XML in all the noise. Or just turn on logging for "oracle.jbo.server.Serilaizer" class.


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