Deactivating Statistics, Counter and Leaflets Modules

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Leaflet Module

So with Boost running, it made no sense really to have the Counter module, since it was always a snapshot view of the counter at some point in time when the page was first generated by boost. Similarly the leaflet module does not make sense. I have a feeling with Boost it is also not doing its job. Hence time to slim down my drupal install. This means I really also don't need the statistics module. Google analytics and Apache logs should be good enough for all purposes. Then the webalizer running already on the logs makes for good enough reports.

All in all, load times should improve. I do loose the cool factor that the leaflet module was offering with the "Recent visitors", but for nostalgic purposes, let me just save a screen shot of that in this article to look back to.

Website with drupals leaflet counter and statistics module

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