Some random performance configurations in Drupal

I accidently stumbled upon this document here "mikeytown2", a developer that just seems everywhere currently on the drupal modules page. And I found it really useful. Here are something that I took from it and implemented at first go.

Configuring Oracle Webcenter and Inbound Refinery for Web Viewable Document Conversions

Webviewable images of documents in UCM

So in the previous article here we extended the Webcenter Content Server ucm domain to support the Inbound Refinery. In this article we will setup up Webcenter Content Server (ucm) and the Inbound Refinery (ibr) to support document conversion and renditions. Again the motivation of this article is to consolidate our setup info in a simple guide for which information is coming from various sections from various Oracle guides.

Setting up Oracle Webcenter Server to generate Document Renditions

Installation and Configuration of Oracle WebCenter Content:Inbound Refinery (post Oracle Webcenter content install)

Webcenter Content home page

So I recently had to install and configure the Inbound Refinery on an existing UCM server install. Working on it, it was clear that information for the task for required from multiple guides. So I thought it might be interesting to consolidate the task in a single article that might help someone.

So lets dive into the steps:

cd WCC_ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin

where WCC_ORACLE_HOME is the "WebCenter Content Oracle home" install directory location. This will open a GUI where you can select the extend weblogic domain option as below.

Design and Implementation of a Generic Theorem Prover Interface as an Eclipse plug-in using the PGIP protocol

This article is not really an article but a sum up of my master's thesis work. Thought Id share that with everyone.

Working with Images and File conveniently in Drupal

So for a long time I have been doing it the hard way writing on my blog. I have been creating a folder on my server for each article and manually uploading my images via ssh. Then copying the path to each image and adapting it to a relative url and publishing. A similar story was with file links. Recently decided to ease my life up a little bit. And really all that I did was really should be part of drupal core.

Configuring required Modules

Anyways following are modules that you require. Use the online below to download, install and enable them via drush.

Suspicious ipv6 activity when only Shorewall ipv4 as firewall active

So I have shorewall, the ipv4 version as the only running firewall on my server. For ipv6, there was a seperate package from shorewall to install and configure. What was worrying me was the activity on ipv6 that I was seeing in monitorix below.


Enabling Alternative Php Cache monitoring for Monitorix securely

To see the apc graph in monitorix securely, just add the following apc.conf file to "/etc/apache2/sites-availiable". Add the following contents to it:

Apache mod_cache and mod_file_cache

Here is another performance tip for your website. Take my blog for example. Examine all the static resources for it, that are possibly present for all of your webpage. In my case I could list them as below:

Analyzing io bottlenecks on linux for my drupal blog

So at this point my setup on the odroid u2 is humming along with memcached and php apc cache. The performance boost from this I described in this article here. At best I was getting 2 request/sec.


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